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Ai Timey Chat Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence based Chat Assistant best suited for your Landing Page and Website .

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Ai Timey Chat Assistants on India’s Best Universities Websites

LPU Assistant

Lovely Professional University is India’s Largest Private Student University .

  • LPU Assistant supplies information regarding 350+ Courses consisting of details like Fees, Scholarship, Eligibility , Scope, Placement, Application Procedure for each Course !
  • LPU Assistant Signs up student applications conversationally and drives over 5x Engagement!

CU Assistant

Chandigarh University is India’s Youngest Fastest Growing University . 

  • Cu Assistant guides students on over 125+ Courses with details like fees , eligibility , placement etc. 
  • Solving Query Contextually was first driven via CU Assistant !

MUJ Assistant

Manipal University, Jaipur is a renowned university and best in it’s State with NAAC+ Accreditation ! 

  • MUJ Assistant is one of a kind and has been running since 1 year now 
  • MUJ Assistant has a record of solving over 300,000+ User Queries in April-May, 2019
  • MUJ Assistant solves students queries for 60+ Courses on each detail students look for! 

Generate Massive Leads

Driving Leads via Conversation is Driving 5-7 Times Leads on Organic and Paid Traffic! 

Conversational Lead Gen

The Quickest way to Generate Leads and Sign them up is doing it conversationally (5x Results from Day1 )

UTM / URL Personalisation

This is what drive those clicks to your chat option. When everything is customised for a user they step in!

Intuitive UI & Card System

Ai Timey’s Intuitive UI keeps them going on and on . It has Image cards, relevant buttons, Videos , sliders and keep the user flowing!

Engage & Qualify

What’s better Qualification than directly chatting with your brand ?

Contextual Query Solving

Catching the right context and guiding according is the heart of Ai Timey ! Keeps the conversation fluid and to the mark !

Smart Feedback Mechanism

Giving users an option to like and dislike a conversation is what gives them an option to convey their feeling better !

Human Agent Intervention

Yes ! You can monitor and Intervene anytime for Ongoing Chats. You get a separate agent Dashboard Desgined for Call Centers

Convert & Boom! 

You Know them , They’ve Engaged , It’s time to Personalise ! 

User Profile & Personalisation

Ai Timey maintains a user profile and greets them with their name the next time they come. This is the turning point and builds a connection

Predictive Analytics

On our Admin Dashboard, you can analyse conversion for each kind of product or course Ai Timey shows & make conversion-oriented changes !

Analytics Dashboard

You have all the chats, user profiles, feedback and a lot more on our Admin Dashboard !

Why AI Timey

How Ai Timey is Helping Educational Brands

Working with India’s Largest Student University – Lovely Professional University , Ai Timey is helping students  conversationally signup for their applications in a hassle-fee manner ! Solving over 30,000 Queries each Week and 5x Lead Generation as compared to Contact forms and Live Chat !

They Have Questions ?

AI Timey has Answers !

24 x 7 Customer Support

Time to stay online 24hrs serving your customers with personalised conversations!


Multiple Languages

English , Hindi , Japanese and 20 more for your brand to go global !


Voice + Text Intuitive UI

Cards, Buttons , Voice & Text ! AI Timey’s Intuitive UI guides your customer thoroughly !

Machine Learning & NLP

Powered by Best-in-Class Machine learning with a model that adapts to your kind of Queries !

A Complete Setup for Analysing Conversational trends

Interactive Dashboard

Along with Timey get Access to our Interactive Dashboard to Store, View And Download Leads. Analyse Your Data Instantly!

Case Study 

Manipal University – Boosting Student Admissions

Timey AI customised for Manipal University, Jaipur has had over 100,000+ Conversations with prospective students and Guides each student Aptly ! Acting as an Online Helpdesk, it has helped students find their courses & details instantly !

Timey Lives in the Future ! 

Experience the Magic of Voice !

Voice Always has an everlasting Impact on Customers. They remember you for long and prefer using Timey for Smooth , Instantaneous Interactions !  Voice Recognition and Speech makes the conversation Interactive , Easy & Homely!


Customer Satisfaction

  • 82 % Users Interact With Cards , Buttons & UI 82% 82%
  • 75% Users Interact in Detail ! 75% 75%
  • 67% Users are in Love with Voice 67% 67%


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