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Engage your Online Customers with Personalised Conversations !


Timey Voice Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence based Text + Voice Assistant best suited for your Landing Page and Website .

It’s time to Boost your Google PPC Conversation rate by 200% .

It’s time for TIMEY !


Generate Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads Within 47 Seconds, That’s the power of a Conversation ! 

Contextual Query Solving

Solving queries in a personalised manner that keeps your customers engaged

Boost your Signups

Guides each user through your processes. Engages them thoroughly & gets instant signups

Why AI Timey

How Ai Timey is Helping Educational Brands

It’s High time we need to focus on Customer Retention and Struggle of Customers while finding for the required information on our websites. One of the reasons why the bounce rates are going high day by day . Solving customer queries instantly, guiding them in a personalised manner and engaging them 24 x 7 is the best thing to do ! 

They Have Questions ?

AI Timey has Answers !

24 x 7 Customer Support

Time to stay online 24hrs serving your customers with personalised conversations!


Multiple Languages

English , Hindi , Japanese and 20 more for your brand to go global !


Voice + Text Intuitive UI

Cards, Buttons , Voice & Text ! AI Timey’s Intuitive UI guides your customer thoroughly !

Machine Learning & NLP

Powered by Best-in-Class Machine learning with a model that adapts to your kind of Queries !

A Complete Setup for Analysing Conversational trends

Interactive Dashboard

Along with Timey get Access to our Interactive Dashboard to Store, View And Download Leads. Analyse Your Data Instantly!

Case Study 

Manipal University – Boosting Student Admissions

Timey AI customised for Manipal University, Jaipur has had over 100,000+ Conversations with prospective students and Guides each student Aptly ! Acting as an Online Helpdesk, it has helped students find their courses & details instantly !

Timey Lives in the Future ! 

Experience the Magic of Voice !

Voice Always has an everlasting Impact on Customers. They remember you for long and prefer using Timey for Smooth , Instantaneous Interactions !  Voice Recognition and Speech makes the conversation Interactive , Easy & Homely!


Customer Satisfaction

  • 82 % Users Interact With Cards , Buttons & UI 82% 82%
  • 75% Users Interact in Detail ! 75% 75%
  • 67% Users are in Love with Voice 67% 67%


AI Chatbot Is Changing The Education Industry

AI Chatbot Is Changing The Education Industry

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AI Timey – Voice Of The Brand | Skyrocket Conversions #2

AI Timey – Voice Of The Brand | Skyrocket Conversions #2

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The Best Conversational AI Funnel to Boost Lead Gen

The Best Conversational AI Funnel to Boost Lead Gen

It took time to crack this!  But world-class takes time!  This is one of those exceptional funnels that will actually save you on your money, time and efforts!  With Google ads Lead pricing increasing every day it is quite a headache for each marketer and founder. ...

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