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Timey Voice Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence based Text + Voice Assistant best suited for your Landing Page and Website .

It’s time to Boost your Google PPC Conversation rate by 200% .

It’s time for TIMEY !


Spending Heavily on Google ?

10X your PPC Ad Conversion Rate ?

No one likes filling contact forms, A personal and conversational experience is what your web visitors need !

Timey Works As A Conversational Landing Page & provides a interactive experience to your Web Visitors !


Customer Support is the Key 

24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

No more ” We’re available 9am – 5pm ” !

Solve your customer queries instantly with Artificial Intelligence !

Timey Understands Your Business

Artificial Intelligence At Work

Timey Expert works with you to understand your Customer Queries . Timey Experts then design Timey AI for your Brand with the best conversational tactics!


Case Study

What is Timey Strategy ?

Why is Cost per Conversion / Lead so High as Compared to Cost per Click on Google Ads !  

How can you apply Timey Strategy to Boost your Google Ad PPC Converision by 7X – 10X !

Here’s a Short Pdf Explaining the Timey Google Ads Strategy for 10x Conversions.


A Complete Setup for Viewing Leads

Interactive Dashboard

Along with Timey get Access to our Interactive Dashboard to Store, View And Download Leads. Analyse Your Data Instantly!

Case Study 

Manipal University – Website Converts better

Timey AI customised for Manipal University has had over 100,000+ Conversations with prospective students and Guides each student Aptly ! Interactive UI Along with Cards, Buttons , Youtube Videos keeps them Engaged Actively!

Timey Lives in the Future ! 

Experience the Magic of Voice !

Voice Always has an everlasting Impact on Customers. They remember you for long and prefer using Timey for Smooth , Instantaneous Interactions !  Voice Recognition and Speech makes the conversation Interactive , Easy & Homely!


Customer Satisfaction

  • 82 % Users Interact With Cards , Buttons & UI 82% 82%
  • 75% Users Interact in Detail ! 75% 75%
  • 67% Users are in Love with Voice 67% 67%


Brands That Are Using Bots For Their Business

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Voice Bots In Insurance Sector And The Rise Of Automated Agent

In today’s digital scenario, people want quick and personalized responses from the companies. Hence, the use of voice AI and voice bots is on the roll. Different companies are adopting it to be at the top in this competitive world. If we consider the use of voice...

Why Your Business Needs Voice Bots To Survive

The voice bots market has been on a rise since a couple of years. It has also faced a very convenient adoption by various industries. It has changed the way communication is done among businesses. The popularity of the messaging apps has also increased among the...

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