Who is representing your business? — The Big Question #2

Written by Timey AI

January 26, 2019

I came to your website finding something just like most customers I’m looking for an answer to my question, more likely to be a frequently asked question. I’m clicking a few links, lurking around a few tabs and scrolling down your website in my search of a query. 
Yes! As an established business, you’ve put it all on your website. Yes! Your website is available to everyone. But is it easy to find what exactly I’m searching for?

Well our websites, be it cleanly managed or roughly stuffed when a visitor wants to find something he’ll have to struggle a bit. With numerous offerings like each educational institution has, our websites have a lot of links, navigation tabs and contact forms. Here we need to understand and quite very well know the fact that each visitor is looking for something different. He’s not just surfing through but he has his questions and he’s there for answers!

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What does your customer need?

He needs someone to guide him.

Let’s take the example of a restaurant. One case comes up where we are looking for empty tables on our own. Ordering the food and drinks on our own at the counter. As it is a self-service restaurant we’ll have to bring in the food on our own. Next, there is a queue for payments. Coping with all the hassles on our own!

Another case comes up with a fine dining restaurant. You get greeted at the entrance, a representative finds the right table for you according to your requirement. A waiter comes up and politely asks for your order. Along with that, he willingly suggests you the best meal for that day. Further along, serves you dishes at your table on time. Next comes up with a feedback form and hopes you liked the food and the ambience.

Whom do you pay a tip to?

Who is going to Guide your customers? Who’s gonna answer them?

The answer to this question is Artificial Intelligence. The Answer to this question is a Chatbot, coz conversational marketing is the marketing of now!

A Chatbot is not a just an automated reply Machine chatting with your customers for 24 hrs. It is representing your business.

It is the face of your brand !

Wait, What?

That small little box placed on the bottom corner of my website is representing my multi-million dollar business? You’re joking!

Okay, another example!

Ever travelled by train? How’s the experience of finding your seat?
Finding the right platform, then the right coach, then the right seat you’ve already booked! Sweat and tears all up to you till you find your seat. And you dare try to swipe your seat with someone!

Let’s see how this goes when you book a flight! 
An air hostess greets you, wishes you happy journey, shows you your seat. Comes up and serves you with drinks and food. All hassle-free and all soothing!

What kind of ride do you want for your customers?

Hmmm, but you said the face of my business!

Okay, Last example! 
(Coz I’m obsessed with travelling & coz you’re insisting )

Remember those old days when going to a new place was a heck of a task. Asking for directions at crossroads. Then asking around people for good destinations. And finding your way to those destinations. The fun of a picnic was all gone before you even reached the spot.

Well, let’s consider the travelling of today.

You book a tour guide. He knows all those routes (some of which even Google maps won’t tell you). He knows the best destinations. He knows the best place to dine. He has already bought all the required tickets for you. What is he actually doing?

He’s serving you a hassle-free ride!

Exactly what a Chatbot does for your website! It saves your and your customers time! It saves all the hassle of finding the right links! It answers all the questions courteously and to the point. It is the premium ride your every customer is looking for! And the best part —It is available day & night, all 24hours!

With effective key-buttons and rich text messaging it’s keeping your customers engaged with your brand. Moreover, it shows how much you value your customers & How much you value their time!

He’s exactly the guy saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” at the doorstep of your website! 
Well, Who doesn’t like a salute?

We build Chatbots so that your customers love you . With time and technology, Chatbots have become interactive, intuitive, witty, and loveable! The persona of the Chatbot for your business creates an everlasting first impression on your customer!

Face? Yes! 
A smiling one in fact & always willing to interact !

Hope you book a demo for your brand right away!

Time to Upgrade your Business!

It’s time to do it right now! Just Click Here if you want a demo!

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