What Is The Reason Behind The Hike In Google Lead Pricing?

Written by Timey AI

July 28, 2019

Search Engine Marketing, popularly know as SEM is one of the most used operations in the field of Digital Marketing. It is a widely used method to funnel down the traffic to the website or landing page. Within no time, it positions your website on the top of the web page. Hence, it is very different from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other marketing techniques. That is why it always gets special attention in the field of marketing.

Being it so special, still, it proves to be way more costly than expected. Ever wondered why? Why we are still doing it in the old traditional way as everyone around us is doing? Why we are still comfortable with so increases google lead pricing? The answer is simple. We don’t know any other way! Maybe we are too busy in other chores that we don’t find time to think about that or maybe we are not curious enough.

High Cost Per Lead – The Exact Reason

Graph showing hike in google lead pricing

The problem is not with the Search Engine Marketing techniques or processes. Every digital marketer is capable enough to run successful campaigns. They can not do anything from their end to make it better. This is because the weak section here is the Landing Page. Yes, you must be surprised. You must be thinking that the one generating leads for you how it can be the problem. The issue is with the old and traditional way of getting details from the customer.

Right from the start, when the customer enters the landing page we start to make them fill out the details. This makes the customer go in a defensive side mentally. It happens because nobody wants to share their details with anybody if they are not getting any value out of it. Hence, the Landing page ought to get improvised to reduce google lead pricing. Instead of getting all the details first, try to give some value to them.


To make landing page optimised, we need to make it more conversational. Hence, it should be replaced by something more likely to make it a Conversational AI Landing Page. But the question here is how can we do something like this? Voice Assistant! A perfect blend of voice and text can make things work out in your way.

AI Timey - The perfect Voice Assistant

A Voice Assistant will not only help you to engage more customers but will also provide value at first place. For this, you must be first know how to design conversational flow and the Voice Assistant.

AI Timey is the perfect Voice Assistant you can look forward to. AI Timey promotes customer engagement better than any other Voice Assistant. Moreover, it aids in the generation of 6X to 10X more conversion in the same monetary window that you spend on google ads. Check the case study where AI Timey solved more than 100,000 queries satisfactorily in just 2 months here.

You can check out how to perfect this and what all are the essentials for making a perfect Voice Assistant here

How to use a Voice Assistant

Now here comes the tricky part. Using Voice Assistant normally wouldn’t help you here. Optimising the method and designing the conversation in such a manner that it doesn’t allow the to disengage is the way to do it. This is because keeping the old traditional method doesn’t interest the public much now. To know exactly how you should build the Voice Assistant, go and check here.

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