Voice Assistant For Website: 7 Essentials You Must Look For

Essentials for a voice bot

Written by Timey AI

July 28, 2019

What makes any website intractive and custome engaging ?

Try giving a shot to Voice Assistant

It is the ease of providing the relevant information that a customer is looking for. Every website contains a lot of information. It includes texts, images, facts and figures. The visitor might not be looking for all these bundles of information. They might have come to your website for some specific information they want. Thus, it’s essential to design your website in such a manner that the visitor gets that information with ease.

To be honest, it is not feasible to design such a website. This is because of the plethora of information that is available on the website. Hence, the information is segregated. Still, it becomes very monotonous and hectic to get that specific data. Then, what is that one thing that you should include to take care of customer satisfaction?

The Voice Assistant – A Solution To All Your Problems

A Voice Assistant is the stop solution to your problem. It solves all the customer queries. It’s not only the, it also promotes customer engagement. Ultimately, this cycle leads to a Unique Conversion

Why Voice Assistant?

A Voice Assistant is the guide of your website. The website greets and welcomes each visitor. Most of the websites don’t offer the hospitality that every customer prefers. To funnel down the traffic into the website, various kinds of marketing id done. All the marketing goes into vain when your website isn’t converting. If the website doesn’t have a good first expression, then there is nothing to expect with a customer that he will come back.

Therefore, the need for the hour is to have a well built and maintained Voice Assistant. Yes! A well built and maintained. Not just a regular chatbot or live chat. The customer avoids interacting with it because of the image it has formed over the years. Hence, it needs to include new technology and updates. It must have a voice along with the text.

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Voice and Text Proportion

A perfect mixture of voice and text will go in favour of your success. There should be a limited amount of voice that the voice assistant should deliver covering the important part. More voice and less text somewhere irritates the customer. Check the awesome blend of voice and text here

The 7 Essentials

1) Name of the Voice Assistant

Its position indicates its importance. Having the name of the Voice Assistant will take your Brand’s Name forward. The Brand will be remembered for long. These small points must not be ignored and be implemented at the initial stage. People usually don’t remember the Brand’s Name during surfing. Although, the website may be very well built. But, your brand won’t get recognised if there is no element there to be remembered later. A good build Voice Assistant flourishes your Brand Name and Value.

2) First Prompt

This will decide the rest of your conversation with the customer. Hence, equally important as naming the Voice Assistant. The intention behind the first prompt must always be serving rather than asking. Always, I repeat always provide some value to the customer. In the first, let them take for what he has come for and never ask. This increases your chances of converting the customer.

3) Colour Theme

We always involve and interact with something that soothes our eyes at first glance. This is Human Nature and we are bound to that. Everything goes around this, so is Voice Assistant. The colours of the Voice Assistant should be decided in such a manner that it matches the website. The colours should not be very different to make it look odd. That will instantly catch the attention but surely in a negative sense. The logo and design colours must match with the website colour and contrast. That makes the conversation more intuitive.

4) Courtesy

We all treat our customers with courtesy while meeting in person, then why not on our website? Customers are the same, services are the same, offerings are the same, the platform is only different. But, that doesn’t make any sense in not giving courtesy to them. Rather, the amount of customers coming to the website is far more than the ones meeting in person. Hence, we should be taking special care of the traffic coming to the website/landing page. Greet the customer until the very end.

5) Voice

According to the statistics, 37% of the population is into voice search and prefer voice over typing and texts. The future is this, nothing else. Knowing all these data and statistics, why we are still into the old conventional way. Switching to Voice Assistant at this point of time is the best deal for you today as well as future. Always prefer doing those things which have a wide scope in future and nobody is doing right now. For instance, go and check out AI Timey. AI Timey is the best Voice Assistance that is implementing all these small essentials right now.

6) User Interface

User Interface

The first thing that the customer judge and experience while interacting with the Voice Assistant is the User Interface. Try to make it sweet and simple. The customers should not be going here and there for searching as they would do in case of a website. Make it as interactive and intuitive as possible. A good UI directly engages more crowd.

7) Multiple Language

This is the feature that can make the customer love you. We humans, try to opt for everything in our first language. This makes the scenario most lively and comfortable, which is our ultimate goal as a service provider. It may look like a very small advancement but trust me, it’s the most efficient if you somewhere down the line wants to build the brand. Also, it gives you a chance to serve international prospects with the same courtesy.

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To make your web assistant or chatbot more engaging and converting, these 7 Essentials must be followed and implemented. This will drive more traffic to your website and 10X your conversion rate. As mentioned above, for reference there is nothing better than AI Timey.

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