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January 26, 2019

When it comes to Educational Institutions admission procedure, for the students it is quite a task to go through surfing, reviewing and finding a right college with a suitable course for themselves.

All the private universities and coaching centres go on with their marketing campaigns that involve billboard advertising, newspaper, radio, TV advertising and what not. With the boom of social media, each education institution has kept up with their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Handles pushing through content and updates on various Counselling seminar and events.

Universities do get admissions through branding, TV advertising, due to their ranking and today in the internet world whosoever the student is, he at least once visits the website of the institution for more in-depth information. 
Universities websites due to a lot of courses, programs and events are often bulky and the student has to struggle a bit to find what he is there for.

Each educational institution’s website gain huge traffic during the admission and these are the students who come to the website after all marketing efforts and still if you, as an institution don’t know who is visiting your website, it is quite not fair as of your efforts and money!

If Apple is going to succeed, we’re going to win on Innovation. And you can’t win on Innovation unless you have a way to communicate to your customers ! – Steve Jobs

— Steve Jobs

What Timey Can Do For Educational Institutions ?

The first and foremost thing Timey does for your educational institution’s website or social media platform is :

“Building an instant connection!”

As your customer enters your website!

Next Thing what Timey does for your prospective student is:

“Guiding him through with courses like an expert education counsellor and in return generate leads for your educational institution!”

Ohkkayy! Wait … Wait… Wait…

Who is this Timey? And How is this all happening? (Hope you’re curious?)

Timey — The Expert AI Voice-Bot

So, Timey is an Artificial Intelligence-based Voice Chatbot that is customised according to your institution and answers all your student’s queries. The queries can be regarding admissions, courses and their structure or anything related to your university.

Moreover, while keeping your students engaged it collects relevant student information(name, mobile number, e-mail) for the university so that the university’s team can follow-up and assist the student further on call or e-mail!

This powerful AI Voice Bot can be integrated on your university’s Website, Facebook messenger, Line, Twitter, Amazon Alexa and 10+ social media platforms.

Timey is the perfect admission counsellor and a boon of Artificial Intelligence for all the reputed institutions! Let’s Talk about it !

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