The big question #1 — Ever been curious?

Written by Timey AI

January 26, 2019

The big question #1 — Ever been curious?

Ever been curious?

We all are well aware of the aftermath of a curious question circling around in our heads. Be it a search for a new recipe, hot travel locations or emerging tech. The quest to get all the answers leads us to only one place — Google! Right?

That is what I do and so does a customer basically, the best search engine on earth is always a go-to place? Don’t you do the same? And this being the reason companies and brands spend loads of amount on google marketing, search engine optimization, google ads etc. etc.

What Next?

Once I find out about that one thing on Google there are two things that happen, either I get more curious to know more about that subject or either I’m satisfied and turn to YouTube or Facebook to dive my time into.

But, wait!

What is the thing people mostly do on google? Well, they ask.

Curiosity is always about asking those questions swirling in your head. And we humans have a tendency to ask until we get our answers. Yes! We are always looking for answers. Why do you think a customer entered your website, just to make a purchase? Well, before making a purchase he needs all answers to his questions, how, when, where, why and the list is endless.

And for businesses, a purchase or a sign up comes down to a few questions. The first one being …

Is your business answering all the curious questions?

That 20 % of questions which 80% of customers are looking for? Are you answering them fittingly? Can these answers be found easily on your website? Is the design such alluring that feeds your customer in the right manner? If yes, there’s another question to ask!

Are they getting their answers on time?

Once your customer is on your website. We get an assurance that “Yes! our advertising is working”. He starts exploring your website out of curiosity that bought him there. And curiosity is something that will bring your customer finally to the “Chat now” button on your website’s live chat or the “Send message” button on your facebook handle. Where your customer finally demands that special attention. After all, he’s your customer! He very well deserves it.

What do you think, should this eagerness be taken lightly? I believe that the thrill of curiosity shouldn’t be taken casually, it’s one of the best things that your customers can have?

Why are you putting up those features on top marketing charts ? Why those catchy lines and spiky results ? Why are creative agencies thriving today? Coz they lure your prospective customers to curiosity, it’s then the curiosity that turns them into a customer from prospective customers.

But wait!

Did you answer them on time? Or did they have to wait because your executive only answers to Facebook messages or live chat from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Fridays? But is your customer going to ask a query only during that time?

Do you feel the customer has the same eagerness and curiosity if you answer him late? If you answer him according to your office timings and not instantly? Your customer expects you to answer him instantly and yes the eagerness to know might get lost if you answer him late!

Well the big question for today is “Are you answering them”

Let me rephrase the “big” question .

Are you answering them on time?

Okay, Last example!

Let’s take up a scenario, suppose today it’s Friday and I put up a question or something I wanna know about your business on your facebook page or website live chat. Do you really think I would like to have my answer on Monday between 9 am to 5 pm?

Ohhhh, leave it!

Would you like to answer me only from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 am being a prestigious brand?

I suppose we both have our answers!

This is exactly where Triny comes to play. To fill this communication gap. To make your business active 24 x 7. To solve their personal queries instantly. And honestly, to make your advertising count!

Wanna know how our chatbot boosts your marketing by communicating 24×7 with your customers?

Well, I feel it would be better if we have a talk on this! Click here and we can have a discussion on the various possibilities of chatbots and their benefits! Click Here to connect on Linkedin.

Let’s Connect! Cheers!

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