Manipal University Case Study

Manipal Jaipur

Written by Timey AI

May 14, 2019

About Manipal University

Manipal Education Group is an established leader in the field of education, research and healthcare. It has transformed the lives of more than 3, 00,000 students from over 59 countries.

Started its journey in 2011, Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is a self-financed State University. It has redefined academic excellence in the region. Its way of learning is so unique, that it inspires students of all streams and backgrounds to learn and innovate.

It offers career-oriented courses at all levels. This includes UG, PG and doctoral across various streams. Their courses include Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Humanities, Journalism and Mass Communication, Basic Sciences, Law, Commerce, Computer Applications, Management, etc.

Before Timey

The university had a regular contact form on its website’s home page. It used to ask the student to fill their details such as their name, email address and phone number. Then, students had to wait for a call from the university’s executive. Hence, guidance took time. Ultimately, the student has to search his course from over 100 courses provided by the institution.

Most students don’t seem to fill that form as they’re looking for instantaneous information. Also, the contact form was not present in all the pages except the home page. And contact forms don’t solve any major student query. Also, the increasing Google ad pricing and ever decreasing leads were a big problem for the university for promotions.

The solution

The University needs to guide the student in every possible manner when they come to the website. Engaging the students through an AI-based chatbot is an effective way of generating more conversions. A voice-based assistant greets the students, solve their queries and helps them through the admission procedure. This is all done by taking the student in a very well designed loop of conversation. Guiding them in the most efficient manner is what Timey AI does for the students! Well, Timey just loves Students!

After Timey

Manipal University, Jaipur integrated Timey on their website using a 4 line plugin code(simple integration). The main focus of Timey is to engage students righteously, guide them which in turn boosts the conversion rate.

Instead of the contact form, Timey appeared as their personal chat assistant. It engaged the students in interesting conversations. The voice feature made the conversation even more interesting and easy. It gave the feel and effect of talking to a real human on the other side.

The conversations were based on the courses they offer. It also included the fee structure of the courses, eligibility criteria, about the university, scholarship details, etc. The student was able to ask questions by typing or by speaking. The assistant provided all the necessary details in a very engaging manner by including pertinent images. Whether the question is relevant or not, Timey would answer it very smartly. Also, it would suggest the next queries that they may want to ask.

Timey’s Intuitive UI makes it easy for the student to find his query!

The Result

Just through a small change of regular contact forms to an AI-based chatbot, this miracle happened. Right after day 1 of installing Timey, the university started getting 6 to 9 times more conversion more than before.

Timey was able to:

  1. Get relevant details of the visitors.
  2. Provide necessary information a student could ask like fee details, courses, etc.
  3. Increase student’s engagement on the website improving SEO.

In all, Timey was able to solve the problem of ever-decreasing leads and increasing lead pricing. The lead pricing was almost reduced by 90 %.


Every organisation needs an AI-based Voice Assistant Timey to guide their visitors. Every venture needs more conversions and reduced google lead pricing. From the users’ point of view, the old regular contact forms are out of date and worthless!

Timey, on the other hand, can answer the queries of the visitor all the time. Gone are the days when the visitor used to wait long to get a callback. Now, after filling out the details, one can get information instantly. This saves time of the student and the institution.

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