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Written by Timey AI

August 5, 2019

It took time to crack this! 

But world-class takes time! 

This is one of those exceptional funnels that will actually save you on your money, time and efforts! 

With Google ads Lead pricing increasing every day it is quite a headache for each marketer and founder. 

Eventually, brands and startups have to go on increasing their budgets for better lead generation. 

Generating Leads through contact forms is getting tougher and inefficient each day. 

Moreover, the leads generated, there is no surety of how good they are. How interested will those people be who fill that form? 

A four-field can’t tell you what all was in the customer’s mind when he visited your website. 

Let’s get to the funnel that not only brings in 10x Leads as compared to contact forms, 

but also drives you lead qualification at a deep level! 

 Today, each customer is different, has different objectives and pain points. 

It is always helpful to know beforehand what your prospect was looking for so that you convert them quickly! 

Let’s get to the funnel right away! 


The funnels we use today use contact forms inside a long-form or short-form landing page. 

But ultimately no one, I repeat, No one on earth searched for some information on google to just fill a contact form! 

Each and everyone looks for instant information, the information they were looking for while performing their google search. 

So, you might have a contact form, they might even be looking for a service like yours, they were at your landing page to gain some information on your services. 

If they find it they have a choice to go ahead and fill that contact form and if they don’t find their answers real quick they are gonna go back and look for it somewhere else. 

Google is a vast pool of knowledge and it only takes a few clicks to find the information anyone is looking for. 

Businesses really have a very small window of time to make a first impression, 

Where they’ve to provide knowledge instantly and in the process collect information and details from the visitor turning him/her to a lead! 

Hence landing pages with contact forms don’t convert, as visitors were looking for information rather than willing to fill a contact form! 

Conversational AI

Change the Funnel — Start a Conversation!

What if your customers have to just ask for the information they’re looking for and they gets it instantly? 

How would it be if they enter a conversation as they land on your landing page ? 

Would it feel gratifying if they get all the answers instantly and he wants to keep going ? 

This is the answer ! 

This is the Key to 10x your conversions ! 

We implemented AI Timey across various landing page by completely replacing contact forms ! 

The landing page had a seamless integration with conversational AI and the customer felt motivated to start a conversation. 

Conversational AI

How to motivate the customer to start a conversation ? 

By keeping value upfront. The Assistant told the customer that it’ll be guiding him with all the queries he’s looking for and even asks for type of thing the customer might be looking for . 

Suppose you’re an insurance business , you can first ask for what kind of insurance is the customer actually interested and then ask his name and carry on the conversation! 

Download the Essentials for A Converting Conversation!

An Instant conversation builds a repo and if the Conversational A.I. (Chatbot or Voicebot ) is trained good enough to resolve customer queries aptly, it turn the conversation into an instant lead. 

Do you know what comes next ? 


This is what I really like about Conversational AI (esp. AI Timey). It qualifies leads within seconds . 

Customers actually speak up what they’re facing and when you see that in your dashboard, you really know how to followup them with ! 

You know their exact pain point and you can continue the conversation solving it from right there. 

Conversational AI is becoming a champion day by day at unassisted sales too ! 

So this is the ultimate catch! 

THE Conversational AI FUNNEL — Making the Switch

Here is a graphic of how the funnel should seem like ! 

Conversational AI Timey

Google Ad => Conversational AI (AI Timey) => Start A Conversation (Keep upfront Value or Hook )=> Generate Lead => Solve Query => Lead Qualified / Sale !

This funnel starts a conversation upfront as the visitor clicks on your google Ad. The conversation should be engaging and sparking that hooks your visitor instantly. In between the conversation you can drive your basic lead generation and further on qualify leads or make the sale ! 

The Impact — Conversation to Conversion

The first impact that this brings is Customer Satisfaction ! 

  • When you instantly provide information that your customer was looking for, when you do your best to solve his queries, you’re not only qualifying the lead for yourself but also caring for the customer

  • Next is, You now have one more thing attached to your brand that your customer can remember you for! Humans always cherish and remember good conversations.

  • If the AI made courteous and witty conversations it is for sure your customer is gonna take with him a happy experience and memorable conversation.

  • Builds Credibility : A good conversation and deploying a good conversational AI makes you a brand instantly and a lot of more credible. It shows your customers that you really care for them.

  • Return Rate : When a customer gets his information from you instantly. He is bound to remember and come back and will prefer to have that conversation rather than finding his answers in various blogs or finding the right links in website !

  • Less Dropoffs : When more visitors and prospects start having a conversation your landing page an Google Ad becomes efficient and less drop rate is a natural result !

Do it Now – The best Conversational AI For Website

AI Timey

It’s time for your brand to make this shift and transform your conversions and lead generation instantly . 

AI Timey is Voice+text based Website Assistant that can integrates on Landing page seamlessly and also guides your website visitors. 

If you wish to see this magic for Free ! AI Timey is ready with a 7 Day free trial ! Book your slot now !  

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