AI Chatbot Is Changing The Education Industry

Written by Timey AI

November 25, 2019

“I want to implement a good chatbot on my college website but I don’t know all the possible benefits I’ll get.” These are the words from the director of a prestigious management college.

Though he was curious to know more about chatbot benefits, I still feel it in a different way.

Industries like FinTech, Healthcare, Real state, E-Commerce etc have already started presenting their A.I chatbots on the front of their customers. But when it comes to the education sector, this industry still seems to be reluctant to opt for latest trends.

Education industry lacks innovation and technology. I can bet that some of you still feel that a few ad campaigns and having a website with huge traffic are enough to put your institution in the limelight.

When I researched the application of a chatbot in the education industry where I focused on the growth of business and brand value, I found some interesting use cases of a chatbot.

Let’s talk about them one by one here.

Instant Query Solution

Here is a story of a student who is seeking admission to your university visits your website. He comes to your website and looks for a bachelor course.

After looking for all the details like Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships, Admission Procedure etc regarding that course a simple but genuine question hits in his mind.

‘What is your Fee Refund Policy?’

In his limited time, he scrolls through multiple pages and after some time he gets tired. Now he gives up his deep research work on your website and leaves with a bad impression.

Now, imagine this scene with an A.I ( Artificial Intelligence) chatbot on your website.

When he starts searching for the problem, he notices a chatbot on the bottom corner of your website. he opens it, types his question and gets an instant answer from the chatbot.

Now he has resolved all his queries, and he asks the chatbot to schedule a counselling call. The Chatbot follows the instructions.

The main goal of a chatbot is to provide instant information to visitors so that they can get more interested in your institutions.

“A Chatbot engages your website visitors, help them instantly and guide them for further procedures and documentation.”

24*7 Customer Assistance with A Chatbot

What if a prospective student visits your website to resolve a single but important query late at night.

He wants an instant answer and thus he doesn’t want to crawl your whole website.

Then he clicks on your ‘Chat Now’ Button and finds your live chat is offline. Now a popup comes that ask him to submit his details to get a reply from one of your executive in the morning.

Now a popup comes that ask him to submit his details to get a reply from one of your executive in the morning.

wouldn’t he get frustrated because of your poor assistance to him? And he might end up with never coming back to your website for admission and you might lose a student forever.

What is the solution?

If you implement an AI-based Chatbot to your website you’ll see that it can answer most of the generalized questions from the students ( Absolutely it can’t answer everything as it is not a human agent ).

When your chatbot resolves queries, it builds the credibility of your institutions among website visitors.

Even a small doubt can make or destroy your business with that student.

Also, having an AI chatbot releases pressure from your live chat human agents and saves you some money too.

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Qualified Lead Generation

Have you ever thought about why your website or landing page has huge traffic but the conversion rate is too low?

It is because when you directly aim to generate leads, you end up with giving students nothing but the promotion of your prestigious institution.

AI chatbot has many beautiful and effective conversational loops.

These help in resolving students’ queries and can boost your qualified lead generation up to 6 times.

Manipal University Jaipur has implemented AI Timey Voice Assistant that has generated up to 7x qualified leads to Manipal University Jaipur itself.

If you think Contact form on your landing pages is enough to get more and more leads then you might not be wrong but you may end up with very high C.P.L ( Cost Per Lead ).

So, it’s better to implement AI Chatbot to your website homepage and campaign landing page.

Cost Per Lead Reduction With Chatbot

How much are you spending on getting a lead through different campaigns?
How much is your C.P.C ( Cost Per Click )?

If these questions revolve around your conscious, then you should implement an AI Chatbot to your website and landing page.

Because an AI Chatbot helps not only in resolving visitor’s questions but also in generating qualified leads for your institution.

when an AI chatbot satisfies a visitor on your web page, it asks him in a polite manner to register for the desired program.

C.R.M Integration & Dashboard

Some of the AI Chatbot setups come with an interactive dashboard where you can see a full history of conversation between the chatbot and a visitor.

It also helps you to filter leads based on qualification, their demands and pain points.

You can easily integrate your chatbot’s database and your institutes’ C.R.M. It helps in Monitor your campaign or website progress via the metrics and indices you and your business care about.

  • Conversion Rate
  • User Engagement metrics
  • User Retention metrics
  • Drop-off metrics
  • Your Funnels
  • Any custom metrics
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Chatbot On Landing Page

Does your landing page performance satisfy you? If not, then it’s the right time to integrate an AI Chatbot to your landing page.

You have to believe that most of your landing page visitors are not going to fill that lengthy Contact Form. Instead, they would prefer talking to your chatbot in case of any doubt to get instant hot and crisp information.

While interacting with your landing page chatbot, they are going to provide their information which results in more leads compare to Contact Form.

Reduction in Bounce Rate

An AI Chatbot helps in increasing visitor’s retention time on your website engaging him with its interactive and decent conversation flows.

It results in reducing the bounce rate of your website. Which helps in better SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) that let your website rank higher in web searches.

Customer Service With Personalisation

With support from AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and NLP Engine ( Natural Language Processing Engine ), your website chatbot has enough capabilities to find out the emotions and the demographics of your prospective student.

AI Chatbot is loaded with features like interaction history. As a result, it remembers the previous conversation with different visitors.

With this ease, it is also possible to find out the requirements of the students from their past interactions.

An AI Chatbot understands the questions of the students and then decides what should be displayed to them. Here N.L.P Engine also helps in understanding the emotions of the students.

Due to this, An AI chatbot aims to provide personalized information to the students.

Here are some uses of an AI Chatbot

  • Instant Query Solution
  • 24*7 Customer Assistance
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Integrates With CRM
  • Reduction in Cost Per Lead
  • Vernacular Language Support
  • Conversational User Experience
  • Personal Branding

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