The Crux to boosting Student Admissions for your Institution

Boosting Admissions

Written by Timey AI

May 25, 2019

Well, This is the time for admissions !

A bit early in 2019 , But then Yeah ! Finally !

Jee Mains and Class XII boards rolled out their results and here are the google search trends that show, how the searches for “top engineering colleges” shot up all of a sudden!

Admissions top colleges

Well, students are more than curious & this curiosity is genuine! Looking at the stats it feels like, each and every student was on a hunt the day results were out.

During the time Admissions are open we (institutions , colleges , digital marketers ) need to understand one very important thing .

We have limited time and infinite competition !


So what is the crux to Boosting admissions , What one of the most important things that can make our process more efficient .

I understand you’re all spending loads of money on each kind of advertising and marketing to get the best results.

Do you know the most important word in the last phrase ?


You’re smart enough to get it !

Since everyone is spending loads of money on marketing , Google ads, Facebook / Instagram ads etc.. Efficiency becomes an important term !

The one with better efficiency wins !

But this is all marketing language ! Right ?

What is the crux ? What is the core to boosting admissions ?

Let me say it in one word !

Conversations !


But Since we are in the internet era, Where everything is easily accessible within clicks and everyone is rushing their hands on Google within no time. There is one another word that comes in before “Conversations”

And that word is

Information !

So now here’s the catch to boosting up your marketing Efficiency

“Information + Conversation”

A good combination of these two things is all you need to spike up your conversion rate.

Ohh Wait ! There’s one more thing to this. (I’m not leaving this early, come on !)

Now, we need to understand one more thing, that if a student is searching for something like “top engineering colleges in India” he is eager enough to know it. The point here you need to justify is “Why You”? For that, you need to provide him with the right information and have a conversation. And all this has to be done INSTANTLY. As this prospect isn’t gonna wait. He understands Google, he can click back and go to another website, after all, he didn’t come to your website to fill in a contact form.

So the Terms that are crux to boosting admissions are

Information + Conversation + Instantly


The only Question left is HOW ?

“You’ve put us in problem Competition, conversation, Google Ads, Information, instantly aaarrrgghhhhhhhh!”

Well, the solution is easier than you think! And it boosts up your conversions by 10X too!

What if there is a solution where your prospective students get the information through a conversation that occurs instantly?

This is how Timey AI is doing it , superbly for colleges and institutions , keeping the student engaged and boosting up the conversion rate.

After all Contact Forms don’t talk and hence have low conversion rates !

So the formula for a boosted efficiency is :

Information + Conversation + Instantly = Timey AI = High Efficiency

Timey for Admissions

Timey AI is an Artificial Intelligence-based Voice Assistant that guides your student in every manner through all the courses, fees, procedures. Keeps them engaged and qualifies the conversion beforehand!

To show the results for your educational institution we are offering a 7 Day Free of Cost Trial! Timey will be installed on your website and you can measure the results yourself! Results are Guaranteed!

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