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The one thing that people should work on is the optimisation of their website. Optimised or a well-built website simply means that a visitor will spend on your website. How long will it get more value and relevant content channelling through different pages? For that matter, you don’t need to worry as long as you have AI Timey on the website.


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Bounce Rate

This term is totally dependent on the first impression you give to the customer when he/she enters your website. It is not that the higher the value, the more optimised is your website. No! The bounce rate must be as low as possible. This depicts that you give more value to the customer through the website.


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It is really very simple to calculate the bounce rate of your website. It is the ratio of the total number of visitors visiting only one page and total entries to the website. Hence, more the number of visits per page less will be the bounce rate.



Why Bounce Rate Is So High

There must be something that should make the customer visit more pages on the website. Moreover, at first glance, there should be something providing value to the customer which he is looking for. To quote this in one line, it simply means that the website is not interesting and engaging. There is no USP there that makes it different from any other website.


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The Core To Decrease Bounce Rate

As we all know, the solution lies in the problem itself. The reason for a poor bounce rate is lack of engagement. Hence, we should work on this factor to improve it. We should promote more engagement and should try to provide the value in the first go to the visitor. This is the core to decrease the bounce rate and making the website more insightful.


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But, How Can We Promote Engagement?

Bounce Rate



Grasp customers’ attention at first glance. It is really simple to do this. As we all know that the first prompt will decide what will be the customer’s next step. So, why not provide value first? But, who will be the one providing value? AI Timey it is.


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AI Timey is just like a person in your house that treats the guests in a very hospitable manner. And who doesn’t like to be treating that way? Moreover, we would love to spend more time there. Same goes for the website. AI Timey will make them stay on your website for a longer period of time. Hence, improving your bounce rate. Simple!


According to statistics, the bounce rate of AI Timey is 26.43% while it is 71.18% in case of regular or other chatbots.


AI Timey, on the other hand, solves all the customer queries within seconds regardless of the type of query asked. This makes the customer stay there to get their all queries answered there only. Conversation helps and improves everything, so as in this case. In addition to this, it also boosts conversions from the website as well as the landing page. It generates 10X Conversions just by means of Conversations. Therefore, is quite simple now to improve the bounce rate of your website. Just give all to AI Timey. It is a One Man Army.



From now onwards, Conversations will do Conversions.





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