AI Timey – Voice Of The Brand | Skyrocket Conversions #1

What is the core of generating more conversions on website and landing page ?

Is it by spending plethora of bucks on digital marketing and advertising? Or is it by doing purely Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

The solution is preety straight and simple. Keep doing what you are doing. But the core here is to implement AI Timey along with all this.

Well, a lot of you might be thinking that how AI Timey be conducive? Be it a website or landing page, how will AI Timey optimise it?


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AI Timey

Let us first clear the myth that if you are doing great digital marketing then you will definitely get more conversions. No! It is not like that. Yes, it will surely bring more traffic to your website and landing page. But, it surely doesn’t mean you are going to get hiked conversions from there. It depends on the funnel that you have created for the customer. Optimised website and landing page will pull more conversions from the traffic present there.


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The Core For 10x Conversions

AI Timey

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Start considering yourself as a customer. When you enter a website or a landing page you expect that you are going to get the information right then and there. That is a human tendency and we can’t change it. And if we don’t get the information on the first click we rather try to switch the website. This happens with every customer and every website. The core reason behind this is that they first ask your details. As far as websites are concerned, you have to surf a lot to get the information you came for. This creates a gap between the customer and a website. This will keep widening the gap and no matter how many traffic you funnel down, the rate of conversion will remain the same.


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AI Timey – Your Stop Solution

It all can be solved very easily and within no time. This gap can be shortened drastically. All you have to do is provide Value.


Every visitor is in a hurry and value is the only asset that can promote engagement. It doesn’t matter how large is your website and how monotonous is your landing page. If you are providing value initially, the customer will stay. Hence, improving your page visits and bounce rate.


AI Timey does the same but in a more optimised way. As soon as the customer enters the website, it first greets and welcomes the customer. This makes it so captivating that differentiates your website from others. It is a sugar coating on the information along with providing value. It makes the customer feel that they are here to provide information rather than collecting mine.


In this way, the customer willingly provides the information and this enhances the rate of Conversion. Therefore, keeping the traditional way will not improve the rate of conversion. This is the crux to generate 10X conversions.


Another important thing is to deal with and solve the queries of the customer. It is because as the conversation will proceed, the customer comes with with a lot of questions in his mind. It may be regarding the same domain or something related. Now the only thing matters here is how quickly you are able to solve those. To add on more, AI Timey is exceptional in this. It solves each and every query then and there. However, in the case of another website, it is still the same monotonous way of surfing. This again widens the gap between the customer and the website.


From now onwards, Conversations will do Conversions!