AI Timey

Voice Your Brand

It’s time to supercharge your Customer Support and Lead Generation with the most efficient Text + Voice based assistant that solves all your customers queries and guides them intuitively

Multiple Languages

Hindi, English , German or Japanese .
AI Timey is Ready with 20+ Languages to engage with customers globally in both written and spoken manner !

Auto Spell Correction

Typos are human and AI Timey understands humans really well. This feature gives your queries right answer if there is a spelling mistake !

Browser Push Notifications

Handle typical Queries yourself (during office hours) . As your users can subscribe for browser push notifications right inside the chat !

Simplified Analytics

Analytics Dashboard . You’ll love to Explore !

Deep Insights on Customer Journey with Storing Leads , History a lot more ! 

Qualify Leads and Analyse Customer Pain

Answer through browser Notifications

See User History with Leads

Compare Query Trends

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Extensive features, Robust Infrastructure to cater million+ queries and deep analytics so that your  customers keep loving your brand ! 


Intuitive UI

An Interface with elegant image cards,buttons & links to keep your  customers guided through the conversation

Secure CRM Integration

Data Privacy is our top priority . Leads are sent to your CRM software instantly.  

User History

Each customer on revisiting continues the chat from where he left last time . 


Landing Page Integration

This is the Game changer ! Landing page Integration allows you to run AI Timey on Google Ads boosting conversions upto 10x

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