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Ai Timey ConvertX is your way to Conversion focussed Chat Engagement on Landing Pages 

Convert Better. Convert Faster. 

About Ai Timey ConvertX

The Era of Personalisation

Ai Timey ConvertX is a methodology where you add a simple Add-on to your existing Landing Page to Convert it into a Personalised Landing Page.

ConvertX uses numerous techniques that ensures a Student Smiles, Engages and loves your Institution



  • Personalised Greetings when a Student Returns 
  • Chats according to student Customer Journey
  • 24 Smiling Elements to keep them happy and remember you ! 
Ai Timey Personalised



Driving Deeper Level of Engagements with Personalisation

Google Search Based Chat

The Chat now begins according to what the student searched on Google (via UTM Parameters, SShhhhh!!! )

Personalised Chat Captions

Each student coming from a different search sees a different caption. Making them Jump to the Chat Instantly (25-40% CTR)

Customer Journeys Included

Ai Timey focus for a new student would be basic lead generation and showing them course details. A repeat student would be guided towards application signup !

Smiling Conversations

After rapid experimentation on Customer Behavior, we have struck the right elements within the chat that makes them smile ! 

Conversational Lead Generation

The fastest method of Lead Generation is the way to quick Conversions. An Interactive Lead Gen method which students love !

Intuitive Query Solving

The core of Ai Timey – Efficient Query Solving drives the engagement and ultimate customer satisfaction & Brand recall

Lead Generation

Level Qualified Leads

Reduction in Cost Per Lead

min avg time on chat

How to get started

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Once you submit the info sheet, you will receive the installation details. You Just need to copy and paste a short code snippet on your website. 

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Configure Captions

Once we receive the info sheet you get your Dashboard. Where you can configure your UTM urls for Personalisation. 

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