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Timey is a smart A.I. based Voice-assistant that answers all the queries and F.A.Q’s for your brand!  

3X your Google Ads Lead Generation. Feel the Magic!


Timey - Google Ads Case Study!

Timey AI - Producing 3x - 6x Leads on Google Campaigns!

On our Recent Installation Timey AI is installed on website and as a replacement of Landing Page for Google Ads of an Educational Institution. And Yes ! Timey did it !

Timey produced 6x Leads from Day One !

Timey with it's everlasting effect of Voice and Expertise in solving queries is a boon for all Educational Institutions ! 

Machine Learning & A.I.

Timey uses advance Machine Learning algorithms and NLP to process and answer all queries aptly .

24 x 7 Query Solving

Timey answers all your customer queries intantly, Day or Night. Enabling global customer support for your Brand. 

Voice & Speech Recognition

Timey's everlasting effect of Voice is what mesmerizes each customer visiting your website . 

Instant Lead Generation

Timey generates leads for you smoothly while interacting with your customer and sends it you instantly for followup !

Handling Multiple Conversations

With a Quick response time of 2-3 seconds, Timey can handle multiple conversations at ease.

Multiple Platforms

Timey can be Integrated on your website, facebook messenger, google assistant and 10+ social media platforms


The Expert  Counsellor

Timey is the most powerful tool for your College/ University/ Institution’s Admission Marketing. Answers all your customer queries instantly and keeps your brand online 24 x 7!

Knows Your Institution

Timey understands your institution and it’s F.A.Q.’s . Answers all questions regarding admission, fee structure, dates, placements etc.

Buttons , Graphics and Links

Timey generates leads for you instantly and smoothly while interacting with your customer.

Connected to CRM

Timey can be connected to your CRM to keep you on-the-loop with leads and further boosts your admissions!

Instant Lead Generation

Timey binds the student effectively in an informative loop which is engaging and leads sparkling! 

Updated with Events

Timey is updated with all your events, festivals and programs running in your institution.

Smart Counselling Flow

Timey has a smart guidance flow with the use of buttons and cards making it handy for your customers.

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Book Free Trial Now 

Limited Slots | Offer Ends 15th April,2019

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